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  About us.




 Velcome to our Homepage.

Behind the name Killix is a family living in Hvidovre – Kiri and Susanne (and our two grown daughters). Our great interest in Norwegian forest cats started as we were simply looking for a new cat with a nice and easy temperament, and right away we fell in love with the Norwegian forest cat. A race which also has a great size, top fur quality and in general is fairly unspoiled by many years of breeding.  


For many years we had been breeding and competed in shows with bantam silkies (poultry). When we got our first Norwegian forest cat Europa’s “Nougat Nød”, we were keen on participating in a show.  It went much better than expected and we were hooked on it. It is now many years ago since Nougat Nød got her EC title.


The Killix name is from the Greek mythology – Killix was a prince sets out to find his sister Europa. Our first two Norwegian forest cats are from the breed Europa. Thus the name.




We are members of Felis Danica (FIFé) and the Norwegian forest cat club in Denmark – in last-named Susanne have been a member of the board and chairman.


In our breed we are focused on breeding cats after the norm and cats with a great temperament – besides when we just enjoy the wonderful company



If you have any question, you are always welcome to contact us.

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