Pictures Pedigree Results

         Opdateret d. 09-11-2017 

IC Killix Go-Cart Gucci

Born: 13-06-2001
NFO n 09 / Sort - Hvid

Father: DK* EC Killix Enigma
  Mother:  DK* La Forêt’s Maxïme


Go-Cart Gucci is a young male from our own breed. He has a fine size, fur quality, a nice NFO look and a good temper. 6 years old he was neutered, so he could enjoy life

In March 2011 Go-Cart Gucci finally moved to ”his Mothers” house – 10 years old. We will miss this kind boy and his lovely temper. Fortunately he stays in the family



Pictures Pedigree Results

         Opdateret d. 09-11-2017 

EC Europa´s Danske Gorm DM
Born: 07-12-1998
NFO n 23 Sort Makrel Tabby

Father: EP. & EC.DK* Gustav Vasa Felis Jubatus DM
Mother: IC.DK* Europa´s Juba Datter

Europa’s Danske Gorm is our first male. He has a lovely temper, which he passes on to his kittens. Besides the European Champion title he became  Distinguished Merit in May 2007.

In November 2011 we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Gorm 13 1/2 years old. He has been a really lovely cat with a wonderful temper, and he will be missed very much. We are pleased to have offsprings after him in our breed – together with both Nougat Nød and Ultima.




Pictures Pedigree Results

         Opdateret d. 09-11-2017 

EC Europa´s Nougat Nød DM
Born: 07-09-1996
NFO n / Sort

Father: EC Silverwood’s  Big Brown Bastian  
Mother: EC Europa’s Hip Hurra


Europa’s Nougat Nød was our first Norwegian forestcat in our home. She is a very calm and lovely cat with a super temper. She has done very well at shows, just 21 shows to become Europe Champion, and in May 2002 she got the title Distinguished Merit.

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to this lovely Lady 14th September 2011 just after her 15th birthday. We miss her every day


Pictures Pedigree Results

         Opdateret d. 09-11-2017 

La Forêt´s Maxïme
Born: 2000-02-21

NFO  f 09 / black tortie w. white
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Sir:  CH S* Lindsay Asti Cinzano
Queen: IC Europa’s Kønne Sussie

Maxïme came to our house as cat no. 3. She is a sweet, independent and very funny cat. Maxïme has gone to shows a couple of times with good results, but shows is not her favourite activity. She is very social – especially to kittens in the house, which we enjoy to watch.

One Sunday morning in August 2012 we unfortunately lost our dear Maxïme, who had a sudden heart attack


Pictures Pedigree Results  Opdateret d. 09-11-2017 
EC DK Killix Fiona
Birth: 2001-04-13

NFO n 09 / Black-White
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Europa's Nougat Nød

Sir: DK * EC *Starkad´s Dianthus
Queen: DK *EC  Europa´s Nougat Nød DM

Fiona is the result of a match make in heaven.
She is a large and calm cat, who is not easily stressed. As to the temperament she has definitely inherited from both her mother and fathe